Media-Training and Outreach

An Outreach Activity Plan is set up to coordinate the outreach activities and to ensure that each recruited fellow is involved in at least one outreach activity per year

Media Training Workshop

A seminar arranged by the CERN press office will be held at CERN on April 22, 2015. It will cover how to interact effectively with the media including print, radio and TV. The fellows obtain insight how journalists and newsrooms operate. They learn about the expectations of journalists, how to handle interview situations and how to present complex scientific issues.

The seminar will be given by trainers from Inside Edge. Inside Edge specialises in highly bespoke media training for experts. They currently work with over 30 universities, institutions and Research Councils across Europe.

Trainers :
Chris Jameson has extensive experience as a senior BBC network producer and reporter. For much of the last decade he has worked at BBC Radio 5 Live on a range of programmes and as a reporter based in Japan. He has produced several major set-piece broadcasts for the network and his programmes have won several Radio Academy Awards.

Tony Prideaux is an experienced journalist, teacher and communications specialist. As a reporter he has worked extensively with the BBC and in commercial radio. Tony has undertaken training in colleges and universities and has held management positions within education and business.